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Below are a few examples of projects indeana has successfully completed:

Case Study: Multiple Choice Model survey
Project requirements: Implement a choice model project with 32 different choice tasks for a multi-national telecommunications client. Each respondent was to be assigned one of the 32 choice models based on previous answers in the survey.
Solution: After adding the specifications of all 32 choice models, indeana manipulated an existing single choice model template to incorporate 32 different designs. This resulted in only one design needing to be compiled per respondent improving survey speed and performance. The design was fully customised to meet the clients specific aesthetic requirements.
Results: The survey ran smoothly coming in on time and on budget. No negative effects were reported by respondents despite the heavy volume of background scripting required for so many choice designs.

Case Study: Multilingual multimedia survey
Project requirements: To implement various multimedia - including stills, audio files and Flash videos - in both English and Japanese. The specific media to be shown was dependant on previous answers in the survey.
Solution: Custom scripts were required to assign the multimedia files shown in the language selected by previous responses, and to override the survey system's automatic language allocation.
Results: Each media file was successfully shown to repsondents based on their previous answers.

Case Study: Choice Model survey with dual sample source
Project requirements: Implement a choice model project with one of 9 different choice tasks assigned based on sample source and previous answers. Sample was both panel and client supplied with over 150,000 invitations sent to 13 different sample groups.
Solution: Through the use of sample filters, indeana designed the routing of the survey, including which choice model to assign, based on the sample being used.
Results: Through careful up front design of the survey and the sample input, accurate sample management delivery was achieved. New invitations were delivered to fresh sample as it became available, and reminders were successfully delivered to only those respondents that required them targeting individual quota cells.

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